Nike Air Rival Waterproof Golf Shoes

Many golfers don’t think twice about the golf shoes that they buy and wear, but the benefits of staying dry and comfortable during a round can be worth a shot or two per round at the very least.

The Nike Air Rival golf shoes have been created with the above in mind so that you can improve on your game as they have been specifically and optimally designed for driving and distance control. These waterproof golf shoes are lightweight and a perfect fit leaving you to concentrate on your game and not your feet.

These waterproof Nike golf shoes feature the well-known Nike Air sole for maximum comfort/feel, they use TPU spikes which are designed to offer a similar grip as metal spikes (but are safer), and they have an ergonomic flex for maximum feel and stability.

The full-length Phylon mid sole further enhances comfort providing a superior cushioning for your feet and there’s an excellent range of colors and sizes available.

Golf is a difficult-enough game without adding unnecessarily to the challenge, and having uncomfortable and/or wet feet during a round can only be detrimental to your chances of winning or playing well.

If you want to swing the odds in your favor and improve your chances of winning, then you could far worse than check out these waterproof NikeGolf Air Rival shoes.

Some comments and feedback from customer reviews:

The Rohas said, “As comfortable as my every day shoes, with exactly the performance and grip I expect out of my golf shoes.”

Spencer said, “So glad I bought these. They are extremely comfortable and worth the price. The shoes look great and fit well. Awesome golf shoes!

Jim said, “Great for holding you to the ground. Like the feel. Would recommend to golfers.”